Please join us as we celebrate eight years of friendship, followed by three years of dating, and two years of engagement. It is time to tie the knot, and we feel there is no better way to do it than on the beach in Costa Rica surrounded by those who we love the most.



His Perspective:

Eight years ago she asked me to dance. Three years ago I begged her to date me. Two years ago I conned her into accepting my proposal. This year, I marry the girl of my dreams. That’s all you see. What you didn’t see is how bad I screwed up our first date. You didn’t see the five years of #FriendZone. You didn’t see the late phone calls that kept us so connected, even as long distance friends. You didn’t see how excited I got every time she called me to tell me she was coming home and wanted to dance. You didn’t see that I would cancel literally whatever plans I had, if she was coming to town. Everyone always asks her what she is doing with a guy like me, and to this day I still don't know the answer that question. Many of you can attest to this, she has truly made me a better version of myself. The laughter we share together is unmatched, and I intend on spending the rest of my life laughing and smiling with her by my side.  This has been a long time in the making, but guys, we did it…. We officially #BeatTheFriendZone.

Her Perspective:

Charlie and I met at Billy Bob’s in Forth Worth Texas, but I couldn’t tell you the date, you’ll have to ask him. I was there to see a Kip Moore concert with some friends are Charlie was there getting drunk. I saw him from across the bar and thought he was pretty cute so I asked him for a good ol’ 2-step, and boy was he awkward. By the end of the night he somehow convinced me to let him put his number in my phone. Out of sheer boredom I texted him the next day and we scheduled a first date. I don’t remember much about the date except he was weird and immature, so I told him “thank you, let’s just be friends”. We remained friends while I continued living in Oklahoma, and we both dated (several) other people. We talked on the phone often and every time I came back to town to visit my mom we would go dancing. I moved back to Texas in 2018 and Charlie asked me out on our official second date. This time he really made an impression on me and we continued dating. It was so easy to fall in love with my best friend! He asked me to marry him in Dec 2019, we bought a house in Feb 2020, and we survived COVID house arrest together so I think we ready to take on married life.


P.S. We wrote these separately and both ended with...



The Place

Hotel Riu Palace
Costa Rica
 Playa Matapalo, Carrillo, Guanacaste Province, Sardinal District


The Time

December 22nd, 2021
Ceremony at 3:00pm in the afternoon
Cocktail hour to follow


Mandatory Covid test before leaving Costa Rica
Rules are changing every day. I'd just recommend being vaccinated



Travel insurance required
 Travel insurance is mandatory for all visitors to Costa Rica

Travel & Flights
!!Very Important!!
!Read Thoroughly!

Stained Star


Hotel Riu Palace is located on the northern west coast of Costa Rica. There are two main airports in the county, San Jose (Juan Santamaría International Airport) & Liberia (Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport).

San Jose is about a four hour drive to the resort.

Liberia is about a forty-five minute drive to the resort.

Flights to Liberia Airport are more expensive. 


All inclusive and kid friendly resort. Your children are welcome to join on the trip, but we ask that absolutely no children, other than Shelby's new step-son, attend the wedding. We would hate to have to yeet your kid into the ocean for throwing a tantrum while the ceremony is happening :-)

liberia 2 resprt.PNG
san jose 2 resort.PNG

Our Plan

Sketch Arrow_edited.png

San Jose Airport to resort
4hr 25m

We will be flying in to San Jose and renting a car. We don't mind the drive and it will allow us to see a little more of the country. Since we are also doing a honeymoon in Costa Rica, our second resort is closer to San Jose anyway. We will arrive at the resort some time on the 19th and we will be checking out the 23rd.


Liberia Airport to resort
0hr 45m


The Resort


  • All Inclusive 24 hours

  • Free WiFi throughout hotel

  • Directly on Matapalo beach, next to the Riu Guanacaste

  • Awarded GOLD certification for the Travelife Sustainability System

  • Room service 24 hours a day

  • 4 swimming pools, one with swim-up bar

  • Main and theme restaurants

  • "Renova Spa" with a variety of treatments

  • Water park "Splash Water World" (at the Riu Resort)



  • Gym, beach volleyball court

  • Group fitness activities in the RiuFit area (6 times a week)

  • Floodlit hard surface tennis court (300 m)

  • Steam bath, whirlpool bath

  • Windsurfing, stand up paddle surfing (SUP), snorkelling equipment, kayaking

  • Water park "Splash Water World" (at the Riu Resort)

  • 1 introductory scuba diving lesson in pool


  • Daytime entertainment programme for children ages 4 to 7 and ages 8 to 12 at "RiuLand" (daily)

  • Daytime entertainment programme for adults (daily)

  • Shows, Riu evening programme or live music (daily)

  • "Pacha" discotheque (open 6 nights a week)

  • Casino

  • Golf course

  • Horse riding

  • Various water sports available

Our Plan

  • We arrive on Saturday the 18th

  • Wedding ceremony on the 22nd at 3:00pm

  • On the 24th the Bride & Groom will check out and leave the resort to go on their honeymoon

  • Of course guest are welcome to prolong their trip and spend Christmas at the resort if they so choose.

The Aftermath

  • Sometime in the beginning of 2022 we will be having a reception back in Texas where we will invite the rest of our friends, families, and neighbors. We would love for you to join us for this as well. 

  • We love all our friends, but we want our wedding to be small and intimate with our truly favorite people. So if you are reading this, congratulations ;-)

Tropical Leaves


Please RSVP no later than August 15th 2021. 
Please include all necessary information! 
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Charles & Shelby

Hotel Riu Palace | Costa Rica

December 22nd, 2021